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I’m Evelyn Grant and I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband. I enjoy writing, photography, woodworking and other crafts. Countless stories are floating around in my head and I just wish there was enough time to write them all down.

The Captive Hearts series consists of five books; Captive Hearts, Eagle’s Wish, Gray Cloud, Hawk, and Crazy Water.

There will be a novella titled Whip which will be (obviously)all about Whip. Where he’s from, how he got his name, and the life events that shaped him as a man.

Drop me a line and say hi. I love to hear from my readers.

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6 thoughts on “About Evelyn

  1. I was wondering when is Hawk coming out. I finished the first 3 books and can’t wait to read the next. Please let me know as I searched online and cannot find any information about it.

    • Hello Nancy, Thank you for your inquiry, I’m so glad you enjoyed the first three books! I am working feverishly on Hawk and expect it to be available before Christmas. I’ll be sure to leave a post here when it’s getting close.

    • Hi Anne, I’m happy to hear that you liked the first three books in this series. I am still working on Hawk and am hoping it will be ready to be published by mid-April.
      Thanks, Evelyn

    • Hi Bobbie,
      Thank you for asking about this series! There will be another book. I’m working on it now and hope to have it done sometime in November. It’s about Whip, so it’ll be a prequel. I will be writing a post when I have a definite date.

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