What I’ve Learned About Editing

I’ve always known how important  editing is. We first learn about it in school when we write book reports, essays, etc. I  review what I’ve written whenever I’ve finished a paragraph. When I finish a chapter, I review it. Then when the first draft is complete, I read the entire thing from the beginning, correcting errors as I go. When I’m done, I start again at the beginning and repeat the process. My plan is to keep repeating the process until I get through the whole manuscript without finding any errors. That never seems to happen. There is always a typo or something that I feel can be better said. Other authors tell me they experience this as well. I have a few friends read over my manuscripts and they always find a few errors I’ve missed. On my third book, Gray Cloud, I hired an editor. More errors were found and corrected. The book was at last published on Kindle. Then I submitted it for publication in print form. When I received my first proof copy I read it once more. Guess what? I found more errors! I corrected them and resubmitted. The second proof copy has arrived and I am currently going through it, and yes, I’ve found a few more errors. I’ve come to the conclusion that editing is never complete. It does give me a small amount of comfort when I read books by popular authors and discover that they too have errors.

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